Genius Hour Project

My topic is about different types of dessert from Louisiana  i will be. I have learned a lot about my topic like what kinds of desserts are most popular down south and how you make them.What I have learned about myself Is that I am discovering where my mom’s side of the family is from.Obstacles that I have gone through are finding ways to get In touch with my family so I can get the recipe’s for some of the stuff I have to make. The success I have had were getting some of the recipe’s so I can make the stuff.Where I go from here is getting the rest of the stuff for my Genius hour project so I can finish It. Continue reading

spring break

My spring break was alright  i guess my cousins husband past away so we had a memorial service for him. It was really sad because she was in so much shock and she just sat there in pain i really felt bad for her but i was crying to so i sat next to her and we cried together. On Easter my mom and me stayed back from church and cooked while my sister and dad went to support our pew rally that we have. What we do is see how many people we can fill up in each pew and we have to have a hundred dollars for each pew. My mom and I made greens and baked mac and cheese it was really good and every thing was spicy even though i did not wanna help cook my mom was sick so i decided to help her but I am not really the cooking person I am really lazy. For the rest of the day we watched life time and had family time. I was at my aunts and i was eating bananas and my tongue and throat started to swell so i went to the hospital and turns out I am allergic to bananas so that’s what i did over spring break.


I visited lucia’s blog she is 9 years old and she like’s eating and traveling and the blog i read is called popular foods in china and the popular food in china is dumplengs. I also visited liam’s blog he is also 9 years old and he like’s gaming ans sporting. I visited Penelope’s blog she is 8 years old and she is from Australia and her favorite things to do is gymnastics and go swimming. I visited Mimi’s blog and she is also 8 years old and like’s to draw and rollerblade.I visited summer’s blog and she is 9 years old and she likes surfing and dancing. I visited Justin’s blog and he is 10 years old and from china and likes to play soccer and he like’s art. I visited Jang ‘s blog and he is from china and he is 10 years old and like soccer and running. I visited fillip’s blog and he is from Macedonia and he is 11 years old and his favorite things to do is blogging and gaming. I visited Tyler’s blog he is 11 years old and lives in Canada he like to play hockey and soccer. I visited Jade’s blog and she like’s soccer and four square she is from Canada and she is also 11 years old. I visited Brittany’s blog and she is 11 years old and is from Canada and like’s to dance and do Acrobatics.  Those are the people sites I visited.


Fried Chicken

My favorite food is fried chicken but I don’t like all fried chicken. My favorite place to get fried chicken is from popeyes because it is really good and they always make sure It is cooked all the way. Kentucky fried chicken is also very good but I would rather have popeyes unless I am in Louisiana because they have a churches chicken and that is the best chicken in my opinion. When my mom fries chicken I don’t eat it all because I don’t like the taste of the meat by the bone. To me it taste like blood, but that’s my opinion. If my family and I go out to eat at fast food restaurant  then we would usually go to burger king. If we don’t eat burgers and fries then we usually eat fried chicken or pizza. My family really doesn’t eat fried foods any more but my favorite food is still and probably always will be FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 My favorite animal is a giraffe. Many people don’t really recognize giraffe’s because they are not really a popular animal. My favorite part of a giraffe is it’s neck, because it makes them really tall and they can reach there food easily. A giraffe is originated from Africa. An extinct relative of a giraffe is a Okapi. The environment a giraffe is a Savannah  and wooded grasslands of eastern  and southern Africa were There are a lot of acacias tree’s and shrubs for them to eat. Over short distances giraffes can run up to 35 mph. Giraffes only drink water every couple of days they don’t need water that much. Female giraffes sometimes return to were they were born to give birth. Baby giraffes can walk and run after an hour of their birth. Giraffes tongues can be up to 20 ft long. Giraffes sleep up right. Giraffes have to eat about 75 lb of food a day that is a lot of food. That is why giraffes are my favorite animals.

Stand up

When you are being bullied don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself . You have to stand up because it might get so far were you feel like you wanna take your life away and you should never feel that you wanna take your life away. If the person that is bulling you is bigger than you or older than you. Just tell the teacher or your parents. If the hits you either hit them back or walk away. People bully because they have been bullied before or they do it so they look cool or they might just be having problems at home and they have a lot of anger built up inside of them and if you get on there nerves they will take it out on you.Bulling is not if someone says your ugly but they only do it one time if they do it over and over again then it is bulling. Like take this for example say someone was making fun of you but they only did it once and never did it again that would not be bulling that would be teasing.Bullying is very common in High school and Junior high because people are more older and they understand things hurt people.

My Halloween celebration

In my family we don’t really celebrate Halloween we just stay up and watch scary  movies and eat popcorn with the candy we  by at the store we don’t trick or treat because our parents think were to old for trick or treating. Sometimes are friends will come over and we would have a Halloween sleep over. Last year we had it at my house so this year one of my other friends have to host it at there house.  It was a lot of fun we played games and watched scary movies and the next day we went to Fort Frenzy. It was a lot of fun and we got to stay past curfew because my cousin worked there at the time. At my church sometimes we throw parties and we eat and play games. Its real fun were doing it again on Saturday so we wont  be able to go to the Halloween party this year. That’s how celebrate our Halloween.