Fried Chicken

My favorite food is fried chicken but I don’t like all fried chicken. My favorite place to get fried chicken is from popeyes because it is really good and they always make sure It is cooked all the way. Kentucky fried chicken is also very good but I would rather have popeyes unless I am in Louisiana because they have a churches chicken and that is the best chicken in my opinion. When my mom fries chicken I don’t eat it all because I don’t like the taste of the meat by the bone. To me it taste like blood, but that’s my opinion. If my family and I go out to eat at fast food restaurant  then we would usually go to burger king. If we don’t eat burgers and fries then we usually eat fried chicken or pizza. My family really doesn’t eat fried foods any more but my favorite food is still and probably always will be FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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