Stand up

When you are being bullied don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself . You have to stand up because it might get so far were you feel like you wanna take your life away and you should never feel that you wanna take your life away. If the person that is bulling you is bigger than you or older than you. Just tell the teacher or your parents. If the hits you either hit them back or walk away. People bully because they have been bullied before or they do it so they look cool or they might just be having problems at home and they have a lot of anger built up inside of them and if you get on there nerves they will take it out on you.Bulling is not if someone says your ugly but they only do it one time if they do it over and over again then it is bulling. Like take this for example say someone was making fun of you but they only did it once and never did it again that would not be bulling that would be teasing.Bullying is very common in High school and Junior high because people are more older and they understand things hurt people.